The Slovene Writers’ Path

The Slovene Writers’ Path (SWP) is a sustainable and expanding project of the Slovene Writers’ Association (DSP) that brings to life the rich legacy of the Slovene language, a literary inheritance connected to a contemporary and descriptive story about writers at individual locations on the itinerary. Visiting the points along the path is a way to get acquainted with, learn about, and above all enjoy the literary tradition connected to individual landscapes. It is an integrated and unique project that creates a living museum in the form of points along a transversal branch through all Slovene landscapes. Thus an interpretative network of “Slovene literary landscapes” emerges.

SWP is an integrated development project in the field of culture, education, and cultural tourism. With this project, we create a path through Slovene literary tradition and the transborder MUSEUM OF SLOVENE LITERATURE. Both territorial and virtual.

In 2013, the Slovene Writers’ Association (DSP) published the much-rewarded publication Vodnik po domovanjih 106 pesnikov in pisateljev (Guidebook to the Homes of 106 Poets and Writers), providing the basic content for the project. The book was awarded by the Ljubljana Book Fair as the most beautiful Slovene book in the genre of popular-academic publications, and received special notice at the BRUMEN 2013 Biennale for Visual Communication for graphic design.

Thus an all-Slovene itinerary is emerging from the microlocations of individual birth houses and estates of literary figures (numbering 104 at the moment) and from sights associated with these figures. The itinerary also includes locations in Austria and Italy – specifically places where Slovene poets and writers lived and created.



The Slovene Writers’ Path