Partner cooperation

Vodnik’s homestead

Vodnik’s Homestead – programme partner of the Slovene Writers’ Association.
The birth house of Valentin Vodnik in the Ljubljana neighbourhood of Šiška is a lively centre where reading, writing, and storytelling are cultivated. The programme is managed by Divja misel, which also offers the popular summer event Library Beneath the Tree Crowns. Together with its partners, the Slovene Writers’ Association among them, Vodnik’s Homestead has become one of the most important centres for literary events in the capital city of Ljubljana.

 Vodnik’s Homestead





Kulturna soseska (The cultural quarter)


Officially inaugurated on September 17, 2015, the Cultural Quarter joins seven prestigious national cultural institutions on a lively promenade between the Prešeren Monument near the Three Bridges and Tivoli Park, namely in the area between Tivoli Park and Prešernova, Cankarjeva, Tomšičeva, and Župančičeva Streets.
The Cultural Quarter includes the following institutions: MGLC International Centre of Graphic Arts, the National Gallery of Slovenia, SNG Opera Ballet Ljubljana, the National Museum of Slovenia, the Museum of Natural Science, and, the organization that initiated the project, the Slovene Writers’ Association. We have all joined together with the vision of neighbourly cooperation, collaborative programs and content, shared events, and the added benefit of a combined touristic presentation that functions as a living, breathing organism.
The new Cultural Quarter, under the slogan “An Abundance of Riches”, enlivens the surface of the city with media-friendly cultural institutions extending all the way from the Three Bridges to the lush nature of Tivoli Park. Because of these institutions, we are truly richer not only in the sense of our cultural and historical legacy, but also simply because of the lively pulse of the cultural programs and the wonderful experiences they offer to both city dwellers and foreign visitors to the Slovene capital.
At the official opening of the Cultural Quarter, Ivo Svetina, President of the Slovene Writers’ Association, said: “…Cankar’s renowned chrysanthemum is still our guardian angel. In this spirit, let the Cultural Quarter become a space of creative communion, the exchange of experiences, a dialogue between a painting and a poem, between the Vače Situla and an opera singer, a collection of minerals and a graphic artist.”