Roman Rozina


Photo: Lovro Rozina

Roman Rozina

File: One Hundred Years of Blindness

For decades Roman Rozina (1960) was walking in the field of truth, working as a journalist and publicist. At the treshold of his fifties he heard a by-the-way-launched Eco’s thought, that a man of his age should either write a book or run away with a ballerina. Since it is rather impossible to find a ballerina in his rural homeregion not even with a torch in broad daylight, he has run away into the field of imagination. This suits him, for he can easily come up with ten questions for each answer (the procedure is not reversible).

On his bookshelf it goes like this:

novels For Snowhites and the Dwarf (2008), Gallery at the Spring of Sunny Street (2010), novelette A Relativity Triptych with a Rose (2010), a collection of short stories Familiar Words Rustle (2011) and novels Four in a Row (2012), The Mayor Candidate Gams (2014), Crime and Love (2016).

It will most likely be continued, for he feels nice on both sides of a reading relationship.