Davorin Lenko’s presentation at the “Phil” café in Vienna

On 26 April, 2016, the Slovenian Book Agency and the Slovenian Culture and Information Centre (SKICA), along with the Slovene Writers’ Association and other partners, organised a literary evening as part of “Apropos Slowenien.” The event, which featured both Slovene and Austrian authors, took place at the “phil” café in the centre of Vienna. The Austrian author and performer Robert Prosser played host to Cvetka Lipuš, Ana Pepelnik, the Austrian poet and writer Verena Mermer, and Davorin Lenko. Lenko presented the translation of his novel Telesa v temi (Bodies in the Dark), translated into German by Ann Catrin Bolton as Körper im Dunkeln. The translation was recently published within the Litteræ Slovenicæ series.

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