Zlatka Obed

Zlatka Obed

Poem: Multilayered Height

Zlatka Obed (formerly Obid-Lokatos)
Born on 31 August 1951 in Slovenia (in Srednja Kanomlja near Spodnja Idrija).

Having moved to Trieste, she stopped attending the School of Administration and Economics in Koper and continued her education in the Trieste area.

– 1980 shortlisted for the Izola Poetry Prize

– 1981 publication of first poems in Primorska srečanja, then in Mentor, Sodobnost, Dialogi, Mladje, Jadranski koledar, Fontana, Mladika, Primorski dnevnik

– 1983 received a recognition award at the 11th Republican Meeting of Emerging Poets and Writers

– 1983 her short story ranked 2nd at the 11th Mladika Literary Contest in Trieste

– 1978–1990 her fairy tales and shorts stories were broadcast by the Italian national broadcaster Radio Trst A

– Her fairy tale Golden Enclosure was broadcast by the Slovene national broadcaster RTV Ljubljana

– 1987 enrolment in the Association of Slovene Visual Artists in Italy

– 1987 publication of her first collection of poetry On Water and Bread, ZTT Publishing House, Trieste

– 1993 publication of her text Locked Room in the magazine Dialogi – Primorska v besedi, edited by Zora Tavčar

– Participation at 23 group exhibitions in Trieste, Gorizia, Muggia, Opicina, Trebiciano, Sistiana, San Giuseppe della Chiusa, Servola, Gropada

– 1998 exhibition Images from Water and Bread in the “Primorec” Slovene Cultural Association

– 1988 enrolment in the Slovene Writers’ Association

– 1989 enrolment in the Primorska Writers’ Association

– 1998 inclusion in the collection of texts Don’t Cry Over Broken Porcelain, MLD Publishing House.

– 2000 inclusion in the bilingual collection of texts Tja in nazaj – Andata e ritorno edited by Jolka Milič, Žbrinca

– 2000 Hooray! Carols, CD musical fairy tale, COŠ P. T., Trebiciano

– 2007 inclusion in The Anthology of Slovene Female Poets III edited by Irena Novak Popov, Tuma Publishing House

– 2009 inclusion in The Anthology of Contemporary Poetry of Slovenes Living in Italy, Descendants of Fair Vida

– 2010 publication of her second collection of poetry On Water and Bread, ZTT Publishing House, Trieste

– 2013 inclusion in the book Slovene Authors in Italy by Martin Jevnikar, edited by Marija Cenda

– 2014 participation at the 17th Trieste International Poetry Festival

– Currently, she has been writing her third collection of poetry On Water and Bread III.