Tina Vrščaj

Photo: Andraž Gregorič

Tina Vrščaj

Tina Vrščaj si a Slovenian writer, literary critic and translator from English.

She was born in 1987 in Ljubljana.

Her university thesis was accomplished in 2010 under the title Filozofska misel v romanih Iris Murdoch/Philosophical Thought in the Novels by Iris Murdoch at the departments of Comparative literature and English of the Faculty of Arts.

She has written two novels: a novel for the unhappily in love, dedicated to the vulnerable adolescent years, Zataknjena v pomladi (Beletrina, 2010) and the philosophical novel Odradek (Cankarjeva založba, 2012).

Her short stories have been published in several literary magazines like Literatura and Apokalipsa.

She also writes literary reviews and essays for various magazines and newspapers. She was one of the leading critics of Pogledi from the newspaper’s beginning to its end. Now she writes mostly for Literatura and the Delo.

She translated into Slovenian the novel  by J. M. Coetzee The Childhood of Jesus (Jezusovo otroštvo, Cankarjeva založba, 2012).


  • 2010 Zataknjena v pomladi, Študentska založba (Beletrina)
  • 2012 Odradek, Cankarjeva založba


  • 2016 Zgodba Frigidnost (Croatian translation), Revija Artikulacije